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CASSY (Counseling and Support Services for Youth) is a Bay Area nonprofit agency that partners with local schools to develop the social and emotional fitness of all students through crisis intervention, ongoing counseling, and proactive mental health education. Counselors available M-F during school hours.  Contact (408) 354-2730 x510.

24-hour county crisis line for parents or teens. 1-855-278-4204

Therapy Works – Maaliea Wilbur, MS, MFT 334 Village Lane, Los Gatos 408-508-6789

Pacific Wellness Center – Lisa DiMarino, LMFT 518 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto 650-290-7197

Los Gatos Teen Therapy – 408-389-3538  Sign up for their blog at

Bill Wilson Center (24-hour youth crisis) – 408-243-0222.

Al-Anon 408-379-1051

Alcoholics Anonymous 408-374-8511

Eating Disorders Resource Center:

Narcotics Anonymous 408-998-4200


Dept of Alcohol and Drug Services 800-488-9919

EMQ Mobile Crisis 877-41-CRISIS or 408-379-9085

24 Hour Wilson Center Crisis Hotline 888-220-7575  408-279-8228


Parenting Family Services 408-292-9353

Parent Information Referral Center 800-690-2282

The Parenting Continuum—a series of programs for parents and families, to teach, support, and nurture family relationships.  It is a cooperative partnership of Adult Education of LGS Recreation, The Elementary Education Council of LGUSD, Healthy Lifestyles Committee, WorkAbility 1 and SHIFT Coalition of LGSHSD, CASA, Saratoga PTSA Health and Welfare Committee, Redwood Middle School and Teen and Family Counseling Center.  Visit the parenting continuum website for more information.

The Partnership at—A multitude of resources that help families with teens solve the problem of teen drug abuse.

Youth Party Guidelines—developed by the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Department to address issues of youth and alcohol use, particularly as it relates to teen parties.  The guidelines serve both to inform the community what can be expected of police officers when they respond to parties involving youth, but also what is expected of youth and adults in the community to be accountable and responsible for their actions. Download party guidelines. Contact Los Gatos-Monte Sereno police department at 408-354-8600.

Getting Your Teen to Open Up – Watch Josh Shipp’s video about parent-teen relationships. Browse his website for other great info about parent-teen relationships:

The Parent Project—a 12-week program that helps parents learn how to prevent (or stop) children from using alcohol and other drugs, stop parent-child arguments forever, improve children’s grades and school attendance, recognize and prevent gang involvement, and learn how to “out-will” a strong-willed child!

Contemplating Wilderness Camp for your Child?  At a past CASA meeting, Los Gatos parents Anne and Sutton Roley discussed their experience sending their boys to Wilderness Camp. They provided valuable information, including a sample family contract and communication tips. They also discussed what signs of trouble to watch for, guidelines for choosing a camp, and what happens during – and after – the stay. Read the notes from their CASA presentation. In addition, the Roleys have offered to speak with any parents contemplating these types of programs. Contact the Roleys at

Learn About Sexting – At a CASA meeting, Darin Conway of CASSY spoke on the topic of sexting. Read this handout  for important information about this growing trend among teens.

American Lung AssocationRead facts and statistics about youth and smoking. – Helpful resources for those who are trying to quick smoking .

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