Stop Substance & Food Cravings This Holiday Season ... Naturally

Courtney Jonson is a well-established Acupuncturist & Functional Medicine Practitioner. She has just opened
a clinic, Five Seasons Functional Medicine, here in Los Gatos. Courtney has been practicing acupuncture and functional medicine for many years. She would like to help fellow Los Gatos families and friends keep healthy and fit for the holidays. She also has a successful practice in Portola Valley.

For this holiday season, Courtney is offering a special 25% off on all her programs and services.

Courtney can help you come up with an anti-allergenic/anti-inflammatory diet that eliminates cravings for substances such as nicotine, alcohol, caffeine. As you may know, substance addiction can arise from a bad diet. When we get people eating the right types of foods, cravings for sugar and other forms of stimulants and substances diminish or get eliminated.

View the Five Season programs and services below:

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CASA Fashion Show kick off meeting Nov. 19th 2014

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